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DISCovery Winter Workshop 2017

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The DISCovery Winter 2017 Workshop will have approximately sixty high school teachers as well as UD faculty, Preceptors, graduate teaching assistants, undergraduate PBL Studio fellows, laboratory, and computer staff collaborating for two days in the development of interdisciplinary Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (iSTE(A)M) modules. We also have visitors from the Delaware STEM Council, Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), the Delaware Mathematics Coalition, the Delaware Science Coalition, Research for Better Schools, various superintendents, principals, and curriculum specialists, and media representatives. The participating high school teachers come in interdisciplinary teams including: math, biology, earth science, environmental science, chemistry, physics, engineering, technology, and art teachers.


​Winter 2017 Workshop Overview: January 30th - 31st

​Full Schedule here

We will begin the workshop on Monday with six different three hour classroom/lab activities running simultaneously in six different rooms to highlight potential iSTE(A)M activities for adopting, adapting, and implementing in participating high school teachers’ schools.​

Day 1:

​High school team members will break out to investigate the six different workshop modules ​(iSTEAM​​: Visual Analysis and Ethnobotany, River Ecology and Citizen Science, Electromyography: Modeling Muscle Force, Equitable Teaching  of Mathematics and Science (STEM), Orthopaedics In Action: Inspiring Curriculum for your Classroom, and Exploration of Milk: From Evolution and Culture to Chemistry and Health). After the individual in-depth investigation, teams will come back together to determine their team's focus for investigation and design in Day 2.​​

Day 2:

​​High school teams will go to the modules of their choosing for Day 2. For the first half of the day, the full teaching teams will investigate their module of choice in-depth, and “Push the Experts.” During the second half of the day, teams will return to the same module and begin their own interdisciplinary design, implementing what they learned from the experts, therefore “Becoming the Experts.”​​



​​​From participating in this workshop attendees will gain a deeper understanding of a module theme of their choosing and the opportunity to work collaboratively with their interdisciplinary high school team to begin the development of an investigative, active, and interdisciplinary lab module. At the end of the two day workshop, attending high school teams will give a brief presentation summarizing their progress on an interdisciplinary lesson​, plan for how they will continue to develop their lesson throughout the school year, and how their lesson aligns to their school's curriculum expectations. ​​​

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DISCovery Winter Workshop 2017
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