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Jeremy M. Norman


Norman is an antiquarian bookseller, bibliographer, appraiser, writer and collector specializing in the history of science, medicine, technology, and the history of media. He is the creator of four websites:,, and​.

He is also the author of Scientist, Scholar and Scoundrel: A Bibliographical Investigation of the Life and Exploits of Count Guglielmo Libri (2013) and also the co-author, with Diana H. Hook, of The Haskell F. Norman Library of Science and Medicine (1991) and Origins of Cyberspace: A Library on the History of Computing, Networking and Telecommunications (2002). Norman is the editor of From Gutenberg to the Internet: A Sourcebook on the History of Information Technology (2005).

His main personal collecting interests focus on the discovery of human origins and on the development of mass media in the 19th century.

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Jeremy Norman
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