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“An excellent Sea-boat: Darwin, Fitzroy, and the Beagle"


​Captain Lauren Morgens

The voyage of the Beagle was a scientific mission that went far beyond the primary surveying goals of the expedition. Intellectual curiosity on board touched topics both practical and academic, and deeply influenced our understanding of meteorology, geology, and of course, natural history. While Darwin faced criticism later in his career in response to his more revolutionary ideas, the spirit of the expedition that gave birth to his theory was one of open scientific dialogue, facilitated by Captain Fitzroy, himself a gifted intellectual. In this talk we consider the Beagle herself, her expedition, and her crew as they provided a platform for the development of the future of science.​

Captain Lauren Morgens Bio:
Captain Lauren Morgens, a Connecticut native who began sailing on Long Island Sound when she was eight years old, has been in command of the 17th-century replica tall ship Kalmar Nyckel since 2007.  While pursuing her BA in Anthropology at Cornell, Lauren spent a semester on a tall ship, studying oceanography and nautical science.  This experience sparked a career in tall ships.  Lauren worked on ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific and spent four months aboard the three-masted barque Europa sailing from San Diego around Cape Horn to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, and Tierra del Fuego.  After settling in Delaware with the Kalmar Nyckel, Lauren has become a premier authority on the sailing and rigging of 17th-century sailing ships.

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Lauren Morgens
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