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“An excellent Sea-boat: Darwin, Fitzroy, and the Beagle"


​Matthew Sarver

The voyage of the Beagle was a scientific mission that went far beyond the primary surveying goals of the expedition. Intellectual curiosity on board touched topics both practical and academic, and deeply influenced our understanding of meteorology, geology, and of course, natural history. While Darwin faced criticism later in his career in response to his more revolutionary ideas, the spirit of the expedition that gave birth to his theory was one of open scientific dialogue, facilitated by Captain Fitzroy, himself a gifted intellectual. In this talk we consider the Beagle herself, her expedition, and her crew as they provided a platform for the development of the future of science.​Matthew Sarver, an Ecological Society of America Certified Ecologist, is owner of Sarver Ecological, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in conservation and restoration planning and wildlife habitat. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences, cum laude, from Cornell University with a concentration in Neurobiology and Animal Behavior. Matt's clients have included state agencies, conservation NGOs, and private landowners.

Matthew Sarver​ Bio:
An avid birder for 20 years, Matt is currently Conservation Chair of the Delmarva Ornithological Society, and serves on the boards of several state and regional professional societies and committees in the fields of science and conservation.

Matt has an avocational interest in history, especially 17th century maritime shipbuilding, rigging, and material culture. He is a volunteer crew member and deck chief aboard the Kalmar Nyckel, and had recently led the installation of native, sustainable landscaping at the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard in Wilmington.

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Matt Sarver
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