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News Winter Course at ISLL discusses how Science has revolutionized society

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​​​​Revolutionary Science (SCEN111) is a course designed to empower non-scientists to explore transformative ideas in science. As students discover current and historical controversies in the scientific community, they practice interpreting data, drawing conclusions, developing informed views, and debating those views based on their assessments. Students exercise the process of science during the laboratory by designing experiments, gathering data, and drawing conclusions to help them solve problems. As a result of their inquiry experiences in the lab, students relate to and reflect on the processes that scientists regularly engage in.

Ultimately, this course aims to help students improve their scientific literacy. Students learn across a variety of topics such as history, philosophy, physics, chemistry, microbiology, and genetics. As a result, students are able to engage in informed discussions where these concepts overlap, such as climate change, genetically modified organisms, alternative energy sources, disease, and medicine. After completing this course, the students are better able to evaluate science-based events and make informed decisions that impact their future.​

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Students debating hydrofracking as an energy resource​
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How Science has Revolutionized Society
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Winter Course at ISLL discusses how Science has revolutionized society
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