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iBC1: BIOL 207/CHEM 107
iBC2: Biology 208/CHEM 108

(both honors and non-honors versions of these courses are offered yearly)

The iBC course series integrates the instruction of introductory Biology and Chemistry courses and labs for life science majors.

IBC Program Goals

  • Prepare all students, with the skills necessary to collaborate, solve problems, communicate, and reason scientifically across traditional disciplinary boundaries
  • Use evidence-based practices in STEM education to ensure success for all students 

  • Create and sustain a culture of professional development for peer mentors, graduate teaching assistants, preceptors, and faculty

  • Foster development of foundational scientific skills and knowledge for students across many colleges, departments, and majors

  • Prepare engaged citizens who can make informed decisions based on scientific evidence, prepared to enter the technical workforce

iBC instruction
  • Students attend biweekly lecture/classes for Biology and Chemistry taught in a problem-based fashion
  • In biweekly studios, students solve problems that help integrate the two disciplines, or integrate the instruction of lecture and lab
  • Students solve problems at a weekly Chemistry workshop led by peer facilitators
  • A teaching and learning center is available daily during the semester offering tutoring and office hours to help students excell in iBC

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  • Interdisciplinary Science Learning Laboratories
  • 221 Academy Street, Suite 402
  • University of Delaware
  • Newark, DE 19716, USA
  • Phone: 302-831-6400
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