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Orthopaedics In Action – Inspiring Curriculum for Your Classroom

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Orthopaedics In Action​ (OIA) are unique, stand-alone STEM lessons for Grades 7-12 classrooms that integrate concepts from physical science, math, biology, and the health sciences. OIA was developed as a partnership between UD College of Education and Human Development and The Perry Initiative, a national non-profit working towards diversifying the engineering and medicine talent pipelines. In this workshop, teachers will experience three of the seven currently available OIA lessons first hand, namely: (1) Find Your Center – using physical science and math concepts to coach a diver to safely complete a flip dive; (2) Repair That Tear – developing and testing surgical repairs for a torn Achilles Tendon; and (3) Scoliosis Diagnosis – Using geometry and measurement to diagnose and treat a patient with scoliosis. This professional development session can be used to immediately implement OIA lessons in STEM classrooms.​

About the Presenter

Jenni M. Buckley

Assistant Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering​

Jenni M. Buckley is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Delaware, where she teaches several courses in mechanics and design. She has over 10 years of engineering experience in medical device design and biomechanical evaluation, and she is the Co-Founder of The Perry Initiative, a national non-profit that inspires women to pursue careers in engineering and orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Buckley’s most recent academic work focuses on identifying and disseminating research-based practices in engineering education. Dr. Buckley was recognized with the 2016 University Excellence in Teaching Award, the 2016 Arthur A. Trabant Award for Women’s Equity, the 2014 College of Engineering Excellence in Teaching Award, and the 2013 University Excellence in Undergraduate Advising Award.​

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Orthopaedics In Action – Inspiring Curriculum for Your Classroom
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