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SCEN Courses

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The SCEN courses are housed in the Dupont Interdisciplinary Science Learning Laboratories as of fall 2017. However, they have been thriving for the past few years with SCEN 101: Interdisciplinary Physical Science and Astronomy at the helm, being offered in the main fall and spring semesters to non-science majors with emphasis for pre-service elementary education majors.

The courses beginning with “SCEN” represent a variety of opportunities for non-science majors, ranging from Physical Science and Astronomy (SCEN 101), Snack Science (SCEN 107), Art of Botany (SCEN 109), Revolutionary Science (SCEN 111), and Origami Science (SCEN 115)  to courses for Elementary Teacher Education majors and current high school teachers (SCEN 650). SCEN courses offer students the opportunity to delve into the connections between science and the real-world. Plus, students develop scientific literacy, critical thinking skills, and build their scientific curiosity, which allows them to be engaged global citizens in the 21st century.

For further information on the different SCEN courses, click on the corresponding pages.​

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SCEN Courses
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